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Roberto Pena Jr., Larry McFarland, Martiz (Marty) Ware and Reney (Ray) Pena formed an Acapella group named "IV Real" and started competing in talent shows in and around Baltimore MD.


Performing one of their original songs at a party in NYC, the group caught the attention of a record label executive. Just a few weeks later they were signed to a deal and in the studio recording material for their very first album under the new name "4pm" which is an acronym for For Positive Music.

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In February, 4pm successfully secured the #8 spot on Billboard's Hot 100 with their debut single "Sukiyaki" which was on the subsequent debut album entitled "Now's The Time" (Next Plateau/Polygram Records) The record was certified gold in the U.S., Canada and Japan and certified platinum in Australia. The group immediately embarked on an international tour performing for audiences all over the globe.


4pm released their 2nd studio album "A Light In The Dark" (Next Plateau). The single "I Gave You Everything" peaked at #67 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip Hop singles chart. The groups label, Next Plateau, and it's parent label, London Records, parted ways and caused 4pm to get lost in the shuffle of that separation. At that time, Martiz Ware decided to leave the group and relocated to the West Coast where he has enjoyed a successful career as an administrator for one of California's top universities and has also followed his calling and became a pastor of his church.


After a brief hiatus Roberto, Larry and Ray released their 3rd studio album "For Positive Music" (4pm Records) in 2000 and "Sweet Soul" (Pony Canyon International) in 2001. Sweet Soul was exclusively released and sold in the Asian Territory. The group went on to tour almost every major city in Japan for another couple of years and in 2003 Martiz joined them for what would be their final concert tour with all 4 members of the original 4pm. Roberto, Larry and Ray soon returned to Japan for a brief tour that would be their last for a long period of time.


In October, 4pm visited with Martiz Ware in Los Angeles for the 10th anniversary of his wife's dental practice. Reunited once again they perform at the anniversary celebration and they also crash a wedding reception and surprise the bride and groom with an acapella performance of "For What More" (Now's The Time/Next Plateau), an original love song that was written by Martiz. Inspired by that weekend's reunion and performances, the 4 decide to work on new music and prepare a comeback album to be released in the Spring of 2020. That year marked the 25th anniversary from the year that their debut single Sukiyaki topped the charts worldwide.

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Upon return to the East Coast 4pm got in touch with James (JB) Bailey of Red Room Recordings in Wilmington DE to discuss plans for recording a new Album. Planning and songwriting commence but in February of 2020, the Covid Pandemic shut down everything for the next year and a half. During the shut-down, Red Room Recordings undergoes major upgrades and renovations and 4pm began writing new original material, revamping older unreleased songs and cutting pre-production demos in studios that both Ray and Larry have built in their respective homes.


In July, a call is made to JB of Red Room Recordings and in August of 2022 4pm began working on their latest project "A Song For Everyone", a self explanatory album title as well as the name of a future single that will be featured on the project. On December 16, 2022 The Official 4pm will release the first single and video for "Some Of The Time" (The Official 4pm Records). Look for it on all streaming platforms! 

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